quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2007


In this day that blooms clearing the haze,
A little sunflower have finally blossom!
It makes me stand in gaze
While I whisper a big "Awesome!"

Within her sparkling and twinkling eyes open wide,
I see the colours of the rainbow!
They stunned me where I stand, but softly as a slow tide.
You're full of happinness and I hope you can keep it so!

Save my words, 'cos they'll freeze this time to you,
Just like a flashback of your life,
And then you'll have something to recall.
I'm sure that I'll be remmembered too!
In the past you'll never stall!

Now I can't say anything right!...
Nevertheless I still can write.
And, what could I have more to say
Than my wishes of a happy birthday?!

Beijos minha linda! ;) * * * * *

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